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UpLead is a list building tool that provides the user with a ton of filters and fields to find the relevant email contacts. There aren’t a lot of email finding tools that would even come close to UpLead in terms of providing the options for search criteria. Every email address you download from UpLead is verified in real-time and improves the effectiveness of any outreach campaign.


  • Provides most common email pattern for companies.
  • No credit wastage with real-time email verification.
  • Multiple ways to filter the information using the search criteria.
  • Ample CRM integrations.
  • Data enrichment helps with personalization for outreach attempts.


  • Can’t send out emails from within the platform.


A successful outreach campaign can work wonders for any business. It has the potential to improve your revenue multi-folds by bringing more clients on board. All you need to do is to reach out to the right people and say the right things.

However, the task isn’t as simple as it sounds. There is a lot that goes into the making of a successful campaign, and it all starts with finding the right leads for the campaign.

Before you brainstorm about how you want to convey your message to prospects, you need to identify the prospects. The kind of leads you gather will determine the success of your campaign.

UpLead is an email finding tool that helps you find all the right email addresses and the related information for your campaign. You can use it to not only find out the leads for outreach but to allow your sales and HR team to make use of it.

It is, without a doubt, a more dynamic tool in terms of the search criteria you can use to find the contacts. You can keep the search as wide or as compact as you want with all the filters they offer you.

UpLead also tries to keep the second-guessing out of the picture by providing only those emails that are verified by them in real-time as you download the email.

In this review, we will go deep into all that UpLead has to offer. We will assess how the multiple search criteria help with list building. We will monitor the accuracy of the information, and also find out much ground they cover with their database.

There will be a bit of diving into the processes of managing lists and integrating UpLead with other platforms. So, let’s not waste much time and find out what UpLead is all about.

How did they come up with all those email addresses?

Just like your outreach campaign needs to gather emails from the right sources, your email hunting tool must follow along the same lines. You need to be sure that it adhered to all the right and trustworthy practices to create a database that you will be losing.

UpLead boasts of having more than 46 million B2B contacts containing email addresses, more than 45 million global company profiles, and more than 21 million US company profiles. It might not be the biggest dataset for outreach out there, but it is a significant one for sure.

However, the more impressive stat is that they promise an accuracy rate of 95% for all the data they provide. There are often email addresses that not only turn out to be obsolete but also end up jeopardizing your campaign. With the higher accuracy rate on UpLead, you won’t have to worry much about such addresses.

They even gave a slight glimpse of the process they follow to build up the database. The platform first indexes all the different websites and portals to look for publicly listed emails. It is something that you’d also do while looking for email addresses manually.

They then add more information to the database with the help of third parties and use machine learning and algorithms to filter out the unwanted entries. The next step would be to test out the email addresses and verify the information.

The final test is conducted when you click on the unlock button for the email address. Any unverified email address at this stage is sent for manual inspection. The manual inspection helps them take care of exceptional cases.

With all these measures in place, you can be quite confident about the list that you build up using the data from UpLead.

Filters for days

A search on an email scraping tool usually begins with a search bar allowing the user to enter individual names along with domain or company details.

UpLead also comes with a search bar at the dashboard, but surprisingly it sits in the corner rather than taking center stage. The thing that will suck all your attention on the dashboard is going to be the search criteria panel on the right side of the screen.

Let’s go through some of these search categories.

The first thing you will notice at the top of this panel is that it allows you to prioritize between companies and contacts. So, if you plan on first finding out the right companies and then the appropriate contacts, then you toggle between companies and contacts at different stages of the research.

The industry filter allows you to choose between different industry categories and sub-categories. We were surprised by how much you can zoom into the data with the canonical categorization.

There are also options to filter data by industry name, SIC code, and NAICS code.

The other similar filters on the panel are location, revenue, employees, technology, etc. You can confine the research to companies based on Fortune rankings, or you can go for the Alexa rankings.

It is just so easy to find a company within a specific location, with said number of employees, and which also falls in the specified revenue range. You can choose between government and private organizations, or you can go for NGOs.

If you want to reach out to companies using a particular technology such as machine learning, you can mention that in the search criteria and find what you are looking for. The possibilities seem endless.

Finding contacts on UpLead costs money. You don’t want to spend money on email addresses that you already have. You might also not want to find information related to a specific keyword.

The exclusion field within the search criteria allows you to make sure the list is free from all the information that you already have or the one that you don’t want. All you need to do is fill up the entries related to what you don’t want, and the tool will automatically exclude them.

The filters that require you to add some information also come with the option of uploading lists for the same if you happen to have a lot of information. The feature also helps you to make the most of the search panel.

Don’t miss out on the individual searches and the results

A lot of times, you won’t be conducting very broad or generic searches. Some situations will require you to have a quick search for a handful of individuals or companies.

UpLead has got you covered in this area with the search bar. You can search for individual, company name, or even URL, and it will show you all the relevant results.

The search results would come with a lot of data along with email contacts. You will be able to see the company name, the title of the contact, location, industry, etc. The email address would stay obfuscated under an unlock button.

This button would verify the email address one last time as you click on it. UpLead’s subscription plans keep a tab of search credit, and downloading one email address costs you one credit.

However, since they provide the user with only verified email addresses, you don’t end up wasting the credits of useless or potentially harmful ones.

There are three possible states of email addresses when you decide to unlock it. It can have an invalid, valid, or accept all status. The valid email addresses come with more than 95% accuracy, thus making sure that your campaign fetches the best possible results.

The ‘accept all’ status refers to the ones about which the platform isn’t certain. Some domains accept emails to all kinds of web addresses irrespective of the fact that the email address is correct or not.

It makes it difficult for any tool to specify the accuracy of the email address with certainty. You can make an educated guess when you come across such an email address, but there isn’t much insight that the tool can offer in this case.

UpLead also provides detailed company profiles, which is usually not the case with email hunting tools. You get to see the company address, industry tags, SIC and NAICS codes, employees, revenue, and all kinds of related information.

They would also provide a short description for the company in some cases, and show the list of technologies used by the company. There is also a list of competitors or other players in the field.

In the end, you will find the most common email pattern for the company. You need to unlock it just like any other email address. The pattern can help you find tons of other email addresses on the domain with a bit of common sense.

The search results on UpLead are as detailed as they can get. It is you who need to use the right filters and pick the right addresses for your campaign.

Keep the lists organized

This section might be a bit counterintuitive to what you might be expecting. We won’t be discussing the lists of leads that you gather on the platform, but the lists that would help you make your search better.

In one of the previous sections, we mentioned how UpLead allows you to upload lists in various search criteria. Well, you don’t always need to import those lists from outside the platform.

UpLead allows you to save different lists on the platform and use them when necessary. It can be a list of contacts that you want to exclude from the search or the company URLs you might want to search for.

All you need to keep in mind is that you save excel sheets with data in a single column with no headers. You can provide the list with an appropriate name while uploading it, and then you add it in the filters whenever you want.

We understand that UpLead could’ve been a bit smarter while accepting the sheets, but there is no doubt that segment can make life easier for a lot of users.

Enrich your data

The more data you have about a person or a company, the easier it is for you to send out more moving and engaging messages to them. You can use the extra knowledge to your advantage and have points that make your outreach a bit more personal for them.

You can consider data enrichment as the next stage of lead hunting, where you try to find out as much information around the contact as you can.

The process is usually very research-intensive, just like email scraping, if you decide to do it manually. But UpLead provides you a much easier way to go about the process.

They help the user with data enrichment for the contact list as well as for a list of companies. All you need to do is import a list of contacts or companies onto the platform, and UpLead will find as many relevant details about the entries as it can.

The process would help add teeth to your outreach campaign, and you would be able to orchestrate much better campaigns with all the added information.

If it’s a list of companies, then you will have all the extra fields specifying details such as revenue, size, sales volume, social links, and so on. In the case of contacts, you will get phone numbers, social links, email addresses, and more.


App integration is one of the key aspects that one should always inspect on a tool irrespective of what it does. If you can’t incorporate the platform with the ones you are already using, then there might be some tough times in store for you.

When we talk of contacts and profile management, the first thing to come in your mind would be a CRM suite. It is where you usually manage all your contacts and improve upon the relations using all the information that you have assimilated.

UpLead connects with most of popular CRM software in the business. Some of the integrable CRM platforms for UpLead are Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Mailshake, Woodpecker, etc.

Once you integrate the list of contacts and emails with your CRM tool, you can easily proceed to the next stage of the campaign, which is outreaching and monitoring the conversations.


UpLead is a slightly different email scraping tool as compared to the likes of Hunter.io and FindThatLead. Those tools were focussed on the email address, as they were supposed to, but UpLead seems to have chosen the semantics path.

It finds a lot more than just the email address. Depending on what you need, you may find UpLead an amazing list building tool or an unnecessarily complicated email hunting platform.

In either case, there is no denying the fact that UpLead is good at finding out the right email addresses along with other information.

They have a huge database, but it seems that it isn’t as vast as the one from Hunter. But it doesn’t fall far behind them, as well. Most of the times, you will find some relevant results for your search query.

We like the fact that UpLead provides only the verified email addresses to the users. The vow to maintain higher accuracy means they would be showing fewer results, but it still seems like a good bargain for the improved quality.

They have the best search criteria as compared to other players. The fields might seem intimidating at first, but once you get used to them, you will find it very easy to boil it down to only the information you need. The filters are great for avoiding unnecessary noise.

They could’ve improved the tool by allowing users to send out emails from within the platform. But all the CRM integration tools help make sure you can do it easily using the other means.

UpLead offers a 7-day trial for one to get a sense of how things work on the platform. The number of credits on the trial account might not always be enough for you to test out everything, but you should use the opportunity to check out the tool nonetheless.

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