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USSearch is a people search and background check service provided by PeopleConnect, Inc., a people search company founded in 1998 and based in the United States. The mission of the company is to build better ways to find information about the people that you care about the most. The company has helped millions of people to connect with their missing contacts, as well as prevent them from encountering bad people in their life.

Basic People Search Operation

USSearch allows you to perform the basic people search operation, which helps you to find the detailed information about the people you want to know. You can perform the basic search operation by entering the individual’s name, phone number, or address. In turn, you are presented with the detailed information about that person, such as legal name, date of birth, address history, family members, and so on. When you perform a phone lookup operation, entering a phone number can give you the information about the person that owns the phone number, as well as other related information.

Social Network Search

The social network search function helps you to perform a search operation that reveals the social networking platforms used by the individual. Whatever social network that the individual is using, these accounts can be displayed in the search result. It is useful if you want to connect with this person using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and so on. All social media platforms that are used by the individual are displayed in one convenient place. With this feature, you can also learn various things related to the person, such as hobbies, interests, and more or less reveal their personality.

Property Records Search

With USSearch, it is very easy to find the property records information about any property in the US. If you are wondering about who is the owner of a certain property that you see, you can run a quick search to find the information about the property instantly. These are the same information relied on by the lending institutions and property appraisers. With the property records information, you can get many benefits, such as ownership history, ownership details, current market value, and county-recorded information. This information is also perfect to be used if you want to buy or sell property in the US.

Criminal Records Search

With this service, you can also get the information about the criminal records associated with the person. In this way, it can give you the truth about anyone that you want to know. The criminal records information is the kind of information used to ensure that you are dealing with good people. This information is often used by businesses when they perform the screening for new employees. It might also be used by government agencies to determine whether this person is dangerous for the community or not. So, it is a good way to know whether the person that you want to know is trustworthy or not.

Background Check Services

USSearch also allows you to perform a complete background check service for personal and business purposes. The background check service helps to reveal various background information related to the person. The background information provided by this service is timely, accurate, and detailed, giving you the full picture about the person that you want to know. The information provided in the background check service includes court proceedings, tax liens, business licenses, vital statistics, bankruptcies, and civil judgments.


When it comes to finding information about people, USSearch provides a comprehensive service that you can rely on. You can use this service to perform a basic search about anyone, as well as perform a background check for the individual. With this information, you can easily find the current information about the contacts that you want to reconnect, such as childhood friends, family members, and so on, as well as find the background information about the people that you want to know, such as new friends, new neighbors, new clients, and so on. In the end, this service can help you find the people that matter most to you, and gives the full picture about these people by reading the reports generated from USSearch.

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