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Vertical Response is a subsidiary of Deluxe Corporation. Deluxe was founded in 1915 and now a 1.5 billion dollar company offering many web design and development related services. They acquired the brand Vertical Response in 2013. Vertical Response itself was founded in 2001.


Vertical Response offers one of the largest collection in terms of email templates to choose from. Over 700 choices are available, allowing you to simply choose one out-of-box, which will most likely be shared by only a small number of users making it virtually unique. Many of the templates they offer are responsive and automatically adjust to mobile or tablets.

They also allow you to import custom designed template to their HTML editor as well. So if you already have pre-designed template or want to use the template you found elsewhere, it can be done without any issue.

With their drag and drop designer, email templates can be also designed from scratch without any knowledge of HTML or CSS.


Apart from standard pricing available based on the number of subscribers you are looking to manage with your list, they also have a “pay-as-you-go” plan. Simply add a certain amount of credit and pay per email. Depending on the volume of emails you will be managing, bulk discounts are offered. This is ideal if you send out emails in an erratic manner.

For high volume senders, they have flexible plans, which can unlock some features such as scalable infrastructure, dedicated email servers, REST developer API and many other features.


An email marketing tool these days is incomplete without an autoresponder service.

The autoresponder feature is equipped with all the relevant features that you can expect including scheduled emails. They can only be scheduled based on the date that your subscriber joined. This can be rather inconvenient if you are looking to change the order or duration gap between any two emails.

Their free plan allows Auto responder feature for a limited time. Usually most free plans in same segment don’t allow auto responder so this is a big plus.

Comprehensive Features

Vertical Response comes with a comprehensive combination of features to choose from. Their event management, social media and survey tools when used in combination can be very powerful in garnering sales and creating multiple promotion avenues. Unfortunately, the add-on functionality apart from the basic email marketing features is only available at an added cost. If you have a flexible budget, Vertical Response can offer you all services under one umbrella.

Free Account

Earlier the company used to offer a free trial with limited features. Recently Vertical Response started offering free plans with some cool features. The free plan allows up to 1000 subscribers, send up to 4000 emails every month, auto responder, and a few other features. There are also some standard monthly payment plans.


Vertical Response offers integration with a variety of software and tools, which can make life a lot easier without dealing complicated code. The marketplace has a range of extension of CRM software such as salesforce or Sugar to shopping carts like Shopify and Magento. However, you may not find all the popular eCommerce software, landing page designers or CRM software in their marketplace.

The official site claim has more than 1 million users worldwide, they do work with some well-known companies such as Yamaha. This alone can stand testimony that Vertical Response will deliver quality service with a quality customer support team if you run into a wall.

Final Verdict

Vertical Response’s pay-as-you-go plan alone may make it the only choice for certain customers who are working on a budget. Additionally, if you are looking for multiple methods of promotion from a single supplier, Vertical Response should be a good solution as well.

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