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By: Wingify From India

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Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is an A/B Testing tool designed by a New Delhi (India) based Software Company, Wingify, founded in year 2010. The tool helps different marketing professionals in optimizing conversions and sales of their websites. Different techniques that are preferred by VWO for optimizing conversions are A/B testing, usability testing, heatmaps & clickmaps, split URL testing, etc. It allows marketing people to create numerous versions of the websites and landing pages with the help of a point-and-click editor and for doing this no HTML knowledge is needed. It is one of the leading testing platforms and used by 80+ countries all around the world. With the help of VWO tool you can easily personalize your website for each of the visitors in an effective manner.

A/B Testing

The platform offers one of the easiest A/B testing as with the help of this you can quite easily change the headline, image, button or any other element for creating multiple versions of your website. In the process of testing when you will go in design mode then there only by hovering your mouse over any specific element you can quite easily edit HTML code of that element. You can also rearrange, clone, resize, or move that element in the most user-friendly yet effective manner. VWO firstly creates multiple versions of your website and then it equally divides your websites’ traffic amongst all the different versions and after that it tracks the best one too for you. It tracks signups, revenue or any other conversion goal quite accurately and it also knows statistical validity of all the different results.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing feature of Visual Website Optimizer tests hundreds of changes at once and it also effectively helps you in knowing which specific change creates most productive conversion. In this mode of testing VWO combines all the different changes that you make and then it generates the final design automatically. Tool also guarantees to find optimal design for you as it tests thousands of pages for finding the optimal design. In multivariate testing you can click on and then can customize unlimited number of page elements quite easily. In this way of testing when you will edit an element then a new section will be created under your list of controls & variations. The UI of the tool is easy to navigate and with VWO you can also easily add a custom CSS or JavaScript section to different variations.

Split URL Testing

In the split URL testing mode VWO allows you to split traffic that are coming to your page to a specific URL and then segments that into two or more other pages. With the help of this you will be able to display separate web pages with separate URLs to the equal portions of traffic in the easiest yet effective manner. With the help of this you can also create and host your own landing pages as you will be able to distribute traffic to different URLs of same landing page. It can easily test in between two completely different websites or domains and hence it is best suited in the cases where large design changes are required. The whole process is unbelievably simple to use and if you are settling up a split test then it will hardly take sixty seconds to give you needed result.


VWO also includes the feature of heatmaps that quite efficiently tracks visitors’ browsing habits and also their click behaviors. It highlights different distracting elements of a page and it also tells you where your visitors are clicking and where you should let them to click. Heatmaps are just becoming one of the most essential features for optimizing your web site as they help you in visualizing how your visitors are scrolling on your website. It also informs you about the engagement of visitors on each page. If you want to create a new heatmap with visual website optimizer then the whole process is also quite easy. Data provided by heatmaps are invaluable as it informs you about the links that are confusing to your visitors and hence helps you in optimizing conversions. 


Visual Website Optimizer includes a wide range of tests like basic A/B test, multivariate test, split tests and along with all this it also includes usability testing, advanced geo targeting and user navigation mapping. Visual Website Optimizer also offers full compatibility with different web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Clicky Stats, Click Tale, Mixpanel, KISSmetrics, Omniture Site Catalyst, comScore Digital Analytix. VWO also offers reports and tracking services that is quite effective in optimizing conversions. With the help of this you can also view individual test reports and it also includes tools like a landing page analyzer or a test duration calculator. Different support options provided by company are phones, emails and blogs. VWO is basically an easy, flexible and powerful optimization tool that is essential for marketer.

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