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Website Rocket is an SEO software company located in Taylor, Arizona, USA. The focus of the company is to help small businesses, especially local business, to cut their cost of search engine optimization in their online marketing campaign. The software helps you to do your SEO tasks by yourself, saving thousands of dollars of SEO service costs in the process.

Unlimited Page Optimizations

The good thing about Website Rocket is that it provides unlimited website page optimizations to ensure the best on-page SEO for your business. Remember that before you start building quality links for your business, you have to ensure that your website pages are optimized properly. Non-optimized pages may not perform well in the search engine, even though you are building quality links for those pages. So, between on-page SEO and off-page SEO, there must be a balance. Luckily, this software helps you to optimize each page on your website, ensuring the best on-page optimization for your business.

SEO Task Management

This feature allows you to manage your SEO tasks and track their progress. As this software helps you to do your SEO by yourself, or manually, you can see the list of daily SEO tasks that you have to do in order to raise your website ranking. The SEO task management is the kind of dashboard where you can see the list of SEO tasks that you have to do daily, as well as whether you have done these tasks or not. Each task is designed to be simple enough to follow, so you just need to complete each SEO assignment every day in order to raise your website ranking naturally.

Social Media Task Management

The social media task management is similar to the SEO task management, but the difference lies in where you launch your SEO campaign. The social media task management helps you to manage your social media tasks, which, if you do them, can help you to increase your search engine traffic. The tasks that you have to perform include posting ads on social media, adding more followers in your social media platforms, changing your social media update frequency, and so on. If you follow these social media assignments, you can raise your website ranking even more.

Local Promotion Option

This Website Rocket feature is very important for small businesses that target local audience. The local promotion option helps them to promote their business locally in an effective way. Remember that there are many local promotion channels that you can use to promote your business, but if you don’t know the right channel to use, you might end up only wasting your time, money, and effort. With this feature, the software ensures that you are using the right channels to promote your small business to your local audience.

Key Phrases Tracker

The key phrases tracker feature allows you to track the keywords that you want to target in your SEO campaign. If you want to rank high for certain keywords, this software can help you to achieve that. You just need to enter the list of keywords that you want to target into the software, and it can track your website position for these keywords. Of course, the software also provides suggestions regarding how you can rank high for those keywords in the most effective way. The results depend on how big the competition for those keywords.


Website Rocket is a good SEO software that is suitable to be used by small businesses that want to cut down the cost of their SEO campaign. As you might know already, SEO can cost thousands of dollars, since you have to use various SEO services in order to rank your website high in the search engine. This software makes hiring SEO experts and using SEO services unnecessary for you, and instead, give you the full control of your SEO campaign. With this software, you can run your SEO campaign manually by following simple suggestions from the software.

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