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By: Onlinestorebiz LLC.

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Wholesale2B is a drop ship product content data and services provider. According to the company's website, Wholesale2B provides its members access to 90+ suppliers and over 1.5 million products in 25,000 categories, including consumer electronics, medical equipment, health and fitness, apparel, sporting memorabilia, and many others.

Inventory Management Tools and Alerts

Inventory management is one of the top concerns for most online resellers. Though drop shipping takes away a substantial amount of responsibility in so far as stocking and delivering the product is concerned, retailers have to be constantly aware of product updates, inventory status, marketplace trends, etc. Wholesale2B's drop shipping service allows online resellers to manage these aspects of their business with ease. The service provides frequent updates to new and existing products; proactive inventory alerts to ensure you don't have any out-of-stock items listed on your website; and an updated list of top selling items which allows users to spot trends and define their business strategy.

Push to eBay (eBay Integration)

Under its EBay Dropship program, Wholesale2B allows you to list an unlimited number of products on your eBay seller account or store. Wholesale2B's eBay listing tool allows you to effortlessly export product descriptions and images onto your eBay account, and supports the Fixed Price, Reserve Price, and Buy It Now options. In addition, Wholesale2B also provides members under this program with over 240 auction templates. These templates allow you to customize the appearance of your auction pages based on the products you want to sell.   

Amazon Listing (Amazon Integration)

As part of the Amazon dropship program, if you have a Professional Amazon Seller account, Wholesale2B's Amazon listing tool helps you push as many as 10,000 drop ship products to your account. The Amazon push tool also automatically updates your account with inventory changes for all of your listed products. In addition, you can set up your own price markups, control shipping costs, and add/remove products as you feel appropriate. The company also provides step-by-step instructions and tips on how to use the Amazon dropship plan effectively and profitably.

Dropship Website

Building and managing an ecommerce website that sells products from multiple suppliers can be tedious and time consuming. Wholesale2B can help you build your website based on your requirements. After you've selected your suppliers, the company loads the website with the selected product descriptions and images, as well as manages daily inventory updates. A template design tool allows you to customize the look and feel of the website to match your products and business theme.


If you already own a website and just need product information, such as descriptions, images, categories, wholesale and retail prices, stock status, etc., then Wholesale2B's Dropship Data Feeds program would work best for you. The product information, called feeds, is supplied in standard format (CSV files, TAB delimited, Image ZIP files) as well as in custom format. Custom feeds include custom templates that can be applied to a variety of shopping carts and market place websites such as Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart as well as shopping search engines like Google, Thefind, Amazon, Bonanza, and Shopzilla.

Customer Support

Customer support options are available only via email. Phone and live chat options are unavailable. Members are however provided access to detailed FAQs, Dropship knowledgebase and Dropship articles that provide important tips and strategies to help you grow your online retail business.


Wholesale2B customized drop ship options are suitable for established online resellers as well those who are just starting out on the concept of drop shipping. There are listing tools available for a number of third-party shopping cart and marketplace applications, with dedicated listing and feed control tools for eBay and Amazon. A fully-featured website option provides added impetus for a newcomer to enter the world of drop shipping.

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