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Zoomify is a software that allows you to create zoomable images for web publications and other purposes, which is created and developed by Zoomify, Inc., a software company founded in 1999 and based in Aptos, California. The goal of the company is to create a software that can revolutionize the way people interact with web images for various purposes. With the best technology in digital imaging, the software helps to improve web image interactions in the field of commerce, entertainment, science, education, and more.

Key Image Zooming Features Available

With the main function of Zoomify being the tool to create zoomable images mainly for online publications, it is jam-packed with key zooming features that are available for all versions of the software, even the free version. The features include smooth pan, zoom and pan viewing, compatibility with various web tools, and intuitive navigation. Moreover, there is no limit in the main image that you want to use for your publication, whether your image is 20 MB or 200 MB doesn’t matter. You can always zoom the published image to the actual resolution once you convert it using this software.

Image Conversion Functionality

This software also supports a good image conversion functionality that allows you to create zoomable images from regular static images. The size of megapixels of the image doesn’t matter, as this software supports any megapixel size. So, even if you’ve captured an image in a super high resolution, you can convert it to a zoomable image and use it for various purposes. The image conversion functionality includes the drag-and-drop image preparation, one-file ZIF storage, lossless conversion format, JPG or PNG tiles for the best compression, and support for batch conversion.

Web Page Authoring

The main purpose of Zoomify is to help you create zoomable images in a simple and easy way for online publications, which means that it allows you to insert the zoomable images to your web pages. Thus, this software gives a lot of web-related features for the zoomable images that you create with this tool without any flash, plugin, or special web server needed. You simply need to insert the three lines of codes into your HTML page, and you’re done. It is compatible with any web design and development software that you use, so you don’t need to worry that your zoomable images won’t appear properly in your website.

Easy Image Viewing

With other similar software, the main problem that they have is that the image viewing process is often lagging or not smooth. With this program, it is different. It provides an easy and fast image viewing process that works with all popular browsers, even on mobile devices. In other words, your website visitors can still be able to zoom your images even when they use their mobile devices to browse your website. There are also various visual features available in this software, with intuitive toolbar and navigator. It keeps the image viewing process smooth, with a clear display for your image.

Additional Plugins For Extra Features

Despite the abundance of features provided by Zoomify, especially if you choose the Enterprise version, you can still get additional plugins for the software to get extra features from it. The first feature is toolbar skins, which allows you to choose between various toolbar designs for your software. The second feature is the image conversion support for ACI format. The third feature is the server automation and integration, allowing you to convert images with a scriptable command line converter. The fourth feature is the support for Linux conversion. And the fifth feature is the image conversion support for special formats such as CS, TIF, SCN, JPG 2000, and more.


If you want to create an amazing experience for your website visitors, you can simply do it by letting them interact with your images. This is useful especially in online businesses like eCommerce or entertainment business. When you allow people to zoom the image when they hover their mouse to it, they can inspect the details of your products easily. Zoomify is just the perfect software to do that. With various features that allow you to turn your images into zoomable images, and put it easily on your website, you can create the best interactive experience for your website visitors, which can in turn contribute to more sales for your business. Additionally, this software is also great to be used in other industries as well, such as education, medicine, science, insurance, security, and more.

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