By: CenturyLink, Inc.

CenturyLink Managed Services provide technology and communication solutions to companies that are unable to handle these things on their own. It removes the extra pressure from the company’s internal IT staff so that it can focus on more important initiatives. With its powerful infrastructure and the team of tech experts, CenturyLink can handle all your day-to-day Information Technology tasks such as, internet, hardware, networking, email, data security and backup, and much more.

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Top CenturyLink Alternatives
  • Verizon Fios
  • AT&T
  • FreedomPop
  • Xfinity (Comcast)
  • NetZero
  • EarthLink
  • Charter Spectrum
  • Cox
  • Suddenlink
  • RCN
  • Optimum
  • Frontier
  • Sonic
  • Juno
  • Mediacom
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Top CenturyLink Alternatives and Overview


Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is a fast internet solution based on 100% fiber-optic network for fast and reliable connectivity.

By: Verizon Communications From USA


AT&T internet service is suitable for anyone, looking for a high speed internet service provider with great offers.

By: AT&T Inc From USA


FreedomPop offers free Wireless broadband internet services for mobile users to allow unlimited internet access from home or on-the-go.

By: Sts Media, Inc. From USA

Xfinity (Comcast)

Xfinity Comcast offers high speed internet services at affordable prices to its users.

By: Comcast Corporation From USA


NetZero is an internet service provider specializing in mobile broadband, WiFi, DSL, and Dial-up internet services.

By: NetZero, Inc. From USA


EarthLink internet service provider (ISP) specializes in high speed and low cost broadband and dial-up internet services.

By: EarthLink, LLC From USA

Charter Spectrum

With some of the most affordable internet plans, it offers features and services like, fast...

By: Charter Communications, Inc. From USA


Cox residential internet plans include high speed internet with in-home Wi-Fi at affordable prices that...

By: Cox Communications, Inc. From USA


It specializes in fast, reliable broadband internet services with internet TV, live streaming, and multiple...

By: Suddenlink Communication From USA


Their internet plans are suitable for online streaming, watching online tv, online gaming, home business...

By: RCN Corporation From USA


All users get a dedicated web-based email to manage their internet subscriptions and other activities...

By: CSC Holdings, LLC From USA
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High-Speed Internet is the front aspect of Frontier that involves high internet browsing and downloading...

By: Frontier Communications Corporation From USA
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Users can choose a suitable network plan and enjoy super-fast internet speed of up to...

By: Sonic.net, Inc. From USA


It is ideal for home and residential areas that are in the need of fast...

By: Juno Online Services, Inc From USA


With WiFi and cable connection, it allows multiple users to access the internet simultaneously for...

By: Mediacom Cable From USA

CenturyLink Review and Overview

CenturyLink Inc is a multinational tech company from Louisiana, offering services in communications, networking, cloud, security services, and voice. It was founded in 1930 with the name Oak Ridge Telephone Company.

CenturyLink provides varied services as per residential and business needs. They are focused on bundles for the internet, direct TV, and home phones. The offers and performance are most optimum in urban areas.

CenturyLink Products & Services

The communication services are their core focus, which is divided into the Residential and Business segment. The business segment includes enterprise and small businesses.

Residential Services

The residential services include competitive plans for Internet, TV, Home Phone, and Moving Assistance. The Internet plan leaks 940 Mbps speed at $65/month, without contracts or rate hikes, and the need for bundling.

There is no additional subscription with it. However, the cheaper rates with high speed and reliability can justify these prices.

Direct TV offers plans from $60 to $85/month. The packages in these plans may seem a bit costly for low and medium-income folks. There are no extra subscriptions like Netflix, Prime, etc.

Home phones are also priced similar at $60/month with unlimited voice, and features like caller ID detection, 3-way calling, call return, etc. The Moving Service relocates all the devices and services installed to the new location. The Bundled Packages will help you save better.

Business Services

The business services from CenturyLink are grouped for small and enterprise companies. The small business plans are alike residential plans with an extra spice of cloud applications.

The popular cloud apps included are Office 365, Egnyte Connect, SiteLock, Symantec backup, and site builders like goMobi and Pinnacle Cart.

The services in enterprise plans are more inclusive and support networking, cloud & security solutions, voice, and managed services. It has some big jobs like private lines, dark fiber, IoT, multi-cloud management, DDoS protection, and many such services.


Through its personalized services for multiple areas, CenturyLink has indeed done an admirable task. There were some outage issues faced by their services in past years, but still, they have one of the most complex and unswerving networks.

Company Information

Company Name: CenturyLink, Inc.

Company Address: 100 CenturyLink Drive, Monroe, LA, USA

Founded in: 1968

Top Features

  • Enhanced ISPs
  • Reliable & Secured Transmission
  • Multiple Internet Protocols
  • Time Division Multiplexing
  • Information Retrieval
  • Database Services
  • Message Delivery
  • Packet Switching
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • Automated Payment Enrollment
  • Identify Guard
  • Automated Online Backup
  • Private Direct Connection
  • Uploading & Streaming Videos
  • Downloading Files
  • Voice Messaging