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Veloxy is a salesforce CRM incorporated software that records actions like calls, emails received, unlocks and answers, and makes it effortless to attach and manage details on the go on its own. Veloxy uses an AI-driven platform to enable sales employees to connect with Salesforce, monitor activity, and manage their portfolio on the run. Veloxy is a data management and analytics software integration made for Salesforce CRM. Emails, calendars, and Maps are synchronized and reviewed to proactively alert on meetings. It performs AI-based performance analysis and forecasts to improve sales management. The prospects and activities are automatically logged to salesforce. It tracks sent mails based on location opened and the number of shares made to know the interests of the client.

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  • Salesforce
  • Act
  • Close
  • RelateIQ
  • SuperOffice CRM
  • MagHub
  • Contactually
  • solve 360
  • OnePageCRM
  • CompanyHub CRM
  • Mediarails
  • SalesUp! CRM
  • ProsperWorks
  • Propeller CRM
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Top Veloxy Alternatives and Overview



Salesforce provides CRM cloud and cloud computing software that helps your business to grow sales faster.

By:, inc From USA
Based on 843 Votes


Act provides affordable and easy-to-use contact management and email marketing software for small business.

By: Swiftpage ACT! LLC From USA


Close is a Customer Relationship Management software for small and medium-sized businesses to improve their sales.

By: Close
Based on 14 Votes


RelateIQ provides smart and simple CRM software with Relationship Intelligence technology.

By: RelateIQ Inc From USA

SuperOffice CRM

SuperOffice is a cloud-hosted Customer Relationship Management CRM software, offered by SuperOffice that helps to improve productivity.

By: SuperOffice AS
Based on 14 Votes


IRIS CRM is an integrated business management framework that supports firms to execute their essential operations.

By: Integrated Reporting is Simple LLC
Based on 2 Votes


MagHub features for billing, freelancers, subscriptions, and projects, and more...

By: Aysling LLC
Based on 25 Votes


It features recommended follow-ups, calendar events, upcoming task reminders, previous interaction review, offline interaction notes...

By: Contactually, Inc From USA
Based on 13 Votes

solve 360

By: Norada Corporation
Based on 15 Votes


It features sales management, contact management, lead capture, sales collaboration, third-party integrations, sales forecasting, mobile...

By: Novus Via Ltd From Ireland
Based on 9 Votes

CompanyHub CRM

This software can easily fit into any firm or department...

By: CompanyHub
Based on 17 Votes


By: Mediarails Inc.
Based on 4 Votes

SalesUp! CRM

Popularly used in South America, this service also allows customers to interconnect other applications they...

By: SalesUp!


It features unlimited users, email open tracking, automated actions, advanced integrations, desktop and mobile access...

By: ProsperWorks, Inc From USA

Propeller CRM

By: Propeller CRM
Based on 13 Votes

Veloxy Review and Overview

Thanks to innovations in technology, machines are now capable of learning the same thing that we people do. With current rates of technological advancement, science fiction is starting to seem like projections of technology models 20 years down the road. Considering that, we must prepare ourselves and organize our day to day priorities in an efficient manner.


Organizations need tools to work on smarter selling to solve this issue and Veloxy does just that. Veloxy checks up on your schedules and events and communicates about significant activities and projects to you. It uses special speech analysis to measure the relevance, susceptibility of time, and usefulness of incoming messages and it alerts you when urgent things come in.


Manipulation of overwhelming data and prioritizing the tasks is an exhausting job in the Marketing sector. A great time is consumed due to unorganized information. A sales representative spent more time gathering and logging data into Salesforce than making meetings. The tool that gathers all sources and organizes email, contacts, and meetings is the need of the day. 


Email Marketing 


More importance is given to social media ads in today’s digital era than ever before, which leads many to think if email advertising remains important. The main aspect is that it facilitates fast and easy client communication which is not found in most other types of advertisement. Veloxy makes this practice easier by effectively testing your email content and making it look error-free. It ensures the typing errors, missing info, cracked links, or non-loadable images, and simply corrects them. 

Seamless mailing assistance

Veloxy offers a plug-in to Gmail and Outlook that helps coordinating emails with salesforce. It provides a variety of templates to save time that is iteratively used for similar clients. Emails are prevented from being spam using Veloxy. Above all, you can log emails and contacts to Salesforce under activity, opportunity, or leads. Veloxy Engage enumerates the number of shares, clicks, and time at which emails are read. It gives recommendations on leads from your salesforce contacts based on location and availability. Notifications are received regarding important mails in advance to schedule meetings on time.

Sales Enablement 


The main focus of sales is always to meet demand while advertising aims to generate it. Sales enablement is defined as the collective core of these activities, and the consumer impact. The CRM functionality from Veloxy can assist you significantly increase your sales with an effective range of tools that could make you work productively as never before. It is automatic, convenient to access, and in only one or two taps, it offers all the information you're searching for. CRM software's real power offers optimization tools and stables everything you require in one, simple-to-read panel.




Veloxy comprises integration and pipeline management which allows you to manage selling prospects from lead to order via their entire life cycle. It enables you to track closing stages, principles, and correlations. Additionally, it lets you manage sales power stations through individual sales representatives, team, area, and enterprise-wide.

Transparent Performance visibility

As a manager of a sales team, one can trace the activities and follow-ups of each team member. The moves that lead to ups and downs are made crystal clear using Veloxy Analytics. It compares the sales process implemented to the success percentage that helps in creating strategies. Trustworthy predictions are made to top in the sales pipeline and achieve targets. The activities of the team are interpreted in different periods and the sales process can be anatomized at various stages.

All in one control

Veloxy mobile app is a hub that works alongside emails, maps, calendars, and social accounts. It maps the data from Salesforce into customizable tasks and alerts. It augments the client's location to maps enabling reps to line up client meetings effectively. Updates are made to salesforce from connected accounts without any manual interventions. It names client calls with vital data though it is not in user’s contacts. This app eliminates the time wasted by searching in various accounts for alerts and eliminates the fear of missing information. Researching contacts and their requirements on several social accounts is easy which helps to plan proposals according to it.

Company Information

Company Name: Veloxy

Founded in: 2015