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Inventory Source was founded in the year 2002 by a group of experienced ecommerce experts who were looking to provide advanced solutions for online resellers. Based in Jacksonville, FL, the company offers a variety of features and tools that cater equally to first-time as well as seasoned online retailers.

Inventory Browser

Inventory Source provides its members free access to their Inventory Browser, a wholesale product sourcing directory. This allows users to connect directly with company verified drop shippers, suppliers and wholesale drop ship distributors. Members can use this tool to locate all of the products, brands and wholesale supplier programs that they may be interested in, as well as gain access to contact details of suppliers. The Inventory Browser is available to all members, including those who have signed up for free account access.

New Products and Suppliers

According to their website, Inventory Source presently has as many as 80 wholesale supplier sources that stock a large number of products. However, with new suppliers and products being added each month, it can be difficult for users to keep track of the latest brands and products in the market. Inventory Source’s New Dropshipper and New Product Email Alert features automatically advise users of new market entrants to help them stay abreast of the latest trends.

Full Automation

As with new products and suppliers, the price, quantity and status of each product can change from time to time. To ensure that you always make a decent profit from the sale of your products, as well as to avoid a ‘product out-of-stock’ situation, Inventory Source offers a ‘Full Automation’ feature. The feature also automatically updates your website with the latest product information. With accurate pricing and availability, as well as up-to-date product information, members can focus their energy and resources on improving their online presence to help boost their sales.


Inventory Source provides its users integrations with leading cart platforms like Shopify, osCommerce, Zen Cart, eBay ProStores and many more. This allows members to upload product descriptions and images quickly and effortlessly. A Push To eBay feature allows users to easily customize their product titles, descriptions and eBay categories.   

Customization Options

In case the full automation feature doesn’t cut it for you, you can customize product and brand filters, price settings, low-inventory controls and other options to your own requirements. This allows you to set up and control your product catalog the way you feel will be most appropriate for your business.

You can apply filters to your product catalogs to get the products and listings that you want displayed, as well block certain items that don’t meet your price range requirements or have missing product images.

Hosted Website

For resellers who want to create a new website for their drop ship sales, Inventory Source also offers full-featured website solutions. Users can begin selling their products instantly on a customized shopping cart platform with a hosting account, SSL and email hosting.

Support and Marketing Resources

Support for Inventory Source’s drop ship service is provided via phone and email. A comprehensive knowledge base including FAQ guides and tutorials helps members manage their drop ship account better. Sales and marketing recommendations are also available, in addition to support for creating custom landing pages for ad-campaigns and installing custom SEO features for your shopping cart.   


If you’re an experienced drop ship reseller, the tools and features provided by an Inventory Source account will help you grow your business. The ability to set your own pricing strategy, along with features such as low-inventory control and seamless integration with popular shopping carts allow you customize your shopping platform based on your business requirements. For first-time dropshippers, a full automation feature, in addition to the free-to-view directory of products and suppliers, ensures that you get up to speed quickly and with the least amount of fuss.

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