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By: Kemesa-Passpack Inc. From USA
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PassPack is an efficient and collaborative password manager that was built by its cofounders in year 2006 to provide an effective solution of password managing and security to internet users. It was acquired by Kemesa Holdings in year 2013 and since then it is well directed towards identity theft protection services. PassPack Pro comes with monthly subscription of $1.50 and it works with all popular computers, mobiles devices and browsers. It was built with collaboration at its core and hence you can share secure login methods with your family and coworkers. Once you set up PassPack Pro then you can start plugging in as many accounts as you want in the most convenient manner.

Plans & Security Features

PassPack Pro comes with $1.50 monthly subscription that offers you the availability of 1000 Passwords, 2048 Note Size, 5 Groups, 3 Shared Users and 30 Disposable Logins for annual subscription. PassPack does not let you have an un-encrypted data even if its servers will be hacked still your passwords will be totally secured. It incorporates a highly secure way for organizing and managing your passwords as it is built on AES-256 encryption and Host proof hosting. This ensures that your important data will only be accessible to you. When you will be done with your functioning then you can pack whole thing up by using a special packing password that will perfectly close your log-in collections until you again want to expand that.

Available Everywhere

PassPack Pro supports many platforms and hence it is available to you from any browser, anytime, anywhere and therefore you need not to carry any other device or to install on different computers. PassPack Pro works on a Mac or a Windows PC and it also works with popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera. It has compatibility with Android devices, iPhones and iPads. PassPack pro synchronizes your entire login data across all the platforms and in addition to all this it also works with Windows Phone; a rare feature that is not available in its competitors. It is also compatible with Linux while its majority of competitors do not have that. The functioning of PassPack Pro is pleasingly simple and it is also very responsive.


One of the most important features of PassPack Pro is its ability to work in collaboration as links within PassPack Pro can be shared to others and hence with the help of this access can be provided to a team. Sometimes in any corporate or business environment sharing of the passwords of different sites can be extremely important. And with PassPack Pro you can quite easily include a number of users who will be accessing all the information without having any need to write down passwords or to send them through mails. This is also convenient for home-based users as spouses or siblings or friends can share login information regarding websites.

Simple Interface & Easy Importing

PassPack Pro has a simple interface which is self-explanatory. Interface also includes clear-language instructions that allow individuals of any skill level to add different links to websites and also to add credentials that are accompanied by notes. The ease of use provided by this password manager is quite convenient for all and hence this app can help anyone who wants to use and enjoy its managing and sharing features. PassPack Pro also includes the ability to import usernames and passwords from different CSV files for examples those file which were created in Excel. Such sorts of features allow you to integrate all the previous lists quite quickly without any need to spend time putting the information into your personal system.


PassPack Pro has great functionality and worthwhile features such as; it offers organized password managing along with collaborative host proof functioning. All the usernames and passwords are perfectly encrypted on PassPack Pro’s servers and therefore if anyone will hack the server still your information would be unreadable to them. Basically PassPack Pro does not only take your data and encrypt it on its end but it encrypts its client-side too, that means your precious information will have guaranteed security in any attempt of stealing the data.  It is quite easy to use and have military level encryption. PassPack incorporates import/export tools too and it is totally advisable as a password manager only due to its complete package functionality.

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