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One cannot imagine the growth in business without the internet today. The internet is crucial to increase business. Every business depends on the number of clients and customers it acquires. Gone were the days of signing against the entry of the registration in a notebook at the reception of the organization.

You can now allow customers to book an appointment and register themselves for upcoming events through the internet. Reservio helps you to create a form and schedule an appointment or the required purpose. You can create a schedule and manage it according to the need.


  • Scheduling and managing are facile.
  • It also provides features for staff management.
  • Promotion features are also available.
  • You also get the feature of calendar syncing.
  • You can also send email notifications.


  • Some features are not available with the trial version. They require a subscription.
  • The constant pop up a reminder is irksome.


Growth in business directly depends upon the services and their approach for the customers. If the clients or customers do not find the services approachable and convenient, you will part their ways away without giving a second thought.

Reservio allows you to achieve this by scheduling and managing the services.

Reservio is an online cloud platform for creating and managing the schedule for various services. Reminders, notifications, calendar are a few features of the platform.

Moreover, there are various integrations to enhance the working and increasing the efficiency of the platform.

There are a few more features of the platform that we shall discuss in the review and shall try to give a verdict regarding the utility of the platform for users.

Let us begin.

Let us begin

You can reach to the platform by visiting the website. The platform allows you to have a trial of the platform. When you choose to have a trial version, Reservio allows you to choose an option for which you wish to create the schedule.

The image above shows the details that you are required to provide for creating a schedule. Once you finish setting up the profile, the schedule is created. You can start accepting the bookings online for the created schedule.

‘More details’ allows you to enter furthermore details about the service for which you create the schedule. You can also limit the timings of the day for accepting the bookings.

Once all the entries are complete, you can move forward by ‘finishing up.’ The progress bar at the top right corner of the screen shows the progress of the profile of the schedule.

Administrative features

Administrative features include those features and functions that provide you authority and a few special rights to manage the schedule.

The first in the list is creating a new booking by providing details of the client. Like all other platforms of this kind, Reservio also provides a calendar to book a schedule.

The calendar and modus operandi of the booking schedule remains the same irrespective of the business. The platform demands some details of the client for whom you book the schedule.

The client option helps you to get the details of current and old clients. You can also add a new client or can edit the old ones.

You can also print the details of the client, which are available in CSV format. The option to import or export the details of the client in the same format is also available.

As a businessman, you would also require keeping a watch on the growth and statistics of the business. ‘Business’ helps to achieve this. This option provides you the information and statistics regarding the clients and upcoming bookings.

Promotion plays a crucial part in increasing business. Reservio provides a distinct section for this. It helps you in promoting the business by various means.

You can create a page on Facebook, a website. The platform also helps you in getting a few plugins.

Managing Schedule

The platform provides you with options to manage the schedule. These are available in the sub-options of the name of the organization you entered.

You might be expecting a few more options in managing-section of the platform, but the only option you get is for adjusting the booking hours.

There are no other options for the management of schedule.

Creating an appointment

As we discussed above, creating an appointment is also an administrative function. To create the appointment, the platform provides you an option at the top left corner of the screen of the platform.

The platform requires the details of the clients, as shown in the image. You need to enter the name of the client, Email, phone.

You can also add some special notes for the staff to help them in serving the client better.

If you are an administrator, your duty would include informing the staff about the current status of the client. You can change and update the status of the booking from time to time.

Once you add a client, it appears in the ‘Clients’ section of the platform. It helps you in keeping the record of the past and new clients for better management.

It also prevents you from entering the details manually every time the same client is to be registered.

You can also create an appointment by clicking on the required slot of the calendar.

The ‘Business’

‘Business’ option is available on the top left corner next to the client option. It allows you to provide and validate the details about the business.

Providing details helps you in getting new and better clients for the business. Though some details are required at the first step, here you can add other additional details like logo, slogan, etc.

If you run a business that has fixed working hours and they remain unchanged irrespective of days or occasions, you can easily set those working hours as default and let the schedule for clients only for those hours of the day.

You can also add the details of the members of the staff. These details are accessible only to the administrator.  You can also keep a record of leave or vacation of every member of staff.

‘Services’ is another subsection in the business section that allows you to add various services for the staff, including vacations and other perks.

If you wish to take a break from work, then you can add holidays or week offs to the profile. The platform automatically denies any bookings or appointments during those days.

It prevents you from entering the holidays or vacations manually in the calendar.

Updates and notifications

Customers do not like to visit the website to remain updated about their bookings. The messages section allows you to notify the clients about the status of their bookings.

You can notify the customers through SMS and email. You can send the messages for the reasons listed in the image above.

You can neither add nor remove any new or old reasons on the list.

You get a few settings regarding the notifications. You can enter the text that appears in the message and mail.  You need to enter the text every time you send a message.

If you do not want to enter the text for every new message, you can set any old message as default, and that would be the standard message for all the registered customers.

If you do not want to send either an email or a message merely, alternatively, if you do not want to send any notifications at all, you can achieve this through settings.

There are a few more settings that we shall discuss in the next section.

Settings and other services

The settings section allows you to change the settings under various categories. You can edit a few settings through this section.

You can edit the settings regarding booking, notifications, localization, and security. The edit option beside every category leads you to the editing page of that category that provides you a few options to change the settings.

You can also change the password from here.

However, you cannot change every setting; for example, you cannot change the notification settings because it requires a premium subscription.

There are a few more such settings that cannot be changed if you use a trial version of the platform. The platform generates a notification regarding the limitation if you try to do so.

Other available options

We have seen all the principal options of the platform and the sub-options available under them. There are a few more options on the platform that we shall discuss in the section.

Sync calendar is one of such options. This option is available under Settings on the top right corner of the main screen of the platform.

Through syncing, you can manage the schedule with the help of the default calendar of the device. Alternatively, you can sync it with the Google calendar.

Syncing the calendar provides a standard calendar to the schedule, and it becomes easy to manage and maintain the schedule or schedules.

However, it is a premium feature. It means that you require a premium subscription of Reservio. You can not sync the calendar while using a trial version.

You can also print the details of the bookings created. It helps you to have a record of bookings even if the device fails.

This feature, too, is a premium service of Reservio and requires you to have a premium subscription.

The help and support section of the platform is quite vibrant. The help section leads you to the official website of the Reservio that lets you know the features and functions of the platform.

The support option introduces a chat window. The Reservio team is readily available to help you through this window and answers almost momentarily.

The support section also includes a guide that quells some frequently asked questions or FAQs regarding the various issues of the platform.

The logout option naturally logs you out from the Reservio account of the respective device.


Reservio serves its purpose well. The cloud platform designed for online bookings and scheduling provides enough features.

Unlike other platforms like SuperSaaS, it does not confine itself only to scheduling and booking features. It provides enough features for the administrator to manage and control the members of staff.

It is a smart move to occupy a large space in the market as it would prevent the users from searching for other platforms of staff management.

Also, the promotion features are too noteworthy. The platform has come a long way from being merely a scheduling platform. It has become a complete package of business management and development.

Though there are many more things required for business development, it quells a few of them.

As the user heads forward while using the platform, the drawbacks come to light. The reluctance of the platform of letting to use some features with the trial version is one of them.

The constant pop up for upgrading the version becomes irksome. The print feature and a few more features constantly generate the pop-up.

The help section merely leads you to the official website of reservio, which is of little use as the use had already read the content there.

A few additions to the help section and some remedy to get rid of pop-ups are suggested to the team.

The additional features have already provided a lead to the platform; the suggested improvements can let it enter its name in one of the topmost scheduling platforms.

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