Call Center Software

Providing a good customer support to hundreds and even thousands of customers per month can be complicated, if you don't have the right tools for your business. Call center software helps your business to improve your customer satisfaction and boost your employee productivity. It manages all the processes behind your customer service operations, so that you can focus on keeping your customers happy.

Here are the best contact center software solutions that you can use for your business:



RingCentral Contact Center provides contact center solutions with a top-level cloud communication platform that helps to empower your customers and managers.

By: RingCentral, Inc From USA


Aspect provides contact and call center software solution, which helps to improve your customer engagement and optimize your workforce.

By: Aspect Software, Inc From USA
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8x8 provides easy-to-use cloud call center software that helps to improve your customer interactions and agent productivity.

By: 8x8, Inc From USA


Five9 provides cloud-based contact center and call center software with CRM integrations.

By: Five9, Inc From USA
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Genesys provides call center and omnichannel customer service contact solutions designed for any business.

By: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc From USA
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Aircall provides phone support software for any business, which can be used without any hardware installation.

By:, Inc From France
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LiveOps provides cloud contact center, on-demand customer service, and call center software that helps to provide better service to your customers.

By: LiveOps, Inc From USA
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Ameyo provides contact center and call center software with an all-in-one customer interaction suite.

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CrazyCall is easy to use and affordable cloud-based call center application.

By: CrazyCall From United States
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Vocalcom provides cloud contact center software that helps to deliver personalized customer service experience.

By: VocalCom S.A. From France
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InContact provides call center software and contact center solutions that offer innovative technology and outstanding support.

By: inContact Inc. From USA

Interactive Intelligence

Interactive Intelligence provides contact center software and solutions that help to improve your customer engagement and team collaboration.

By: Interactive Intelligence, Inc From USA

Avaya Aura

Avaya Aura provides call center software with intelligent and personalized contact routine.

By: Avaya Inc. From USA
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3CLogic provides call center and contact center software with inbound, outbound, and blended solutions.

By: 3CLogic Inc From USA
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Promero provides cloud call center and contact center software with unified IP call platform.

By: Promero, Inc. From USA


Talkdesk provides call center software for small to medium business, with fast setup and no hardware installation.

By: Talkdesk, Inc From USA
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Corvisa provides call center and cloud communication software that offers true cloud scalability.

By: Corvisa LLC From USA


CallTrackingMetrics provides call tracking analytics software designed for advertising and contact centers.

By: CallTrackingMetrics, LLC From USA
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Aspect Zipwire

Aspect Zipwire provides cloud call center software that helps you to keep up with your customer’s expectations.

By: Aspect Software, Inc From USA


SafeSoftSolutions provides call center and sales acceleration software that helps to increase your lead generation productivity for your business.

By: Safesoft Solutions Inc From USA

Customer experience has gained renewed prominence in the modern world. Brands today have to give an equal amount of importance to their customer service networks for them to compete with their peers. Selling products and services is no longer the only goal for organizations. They’ve expanded it to include the customer service experience as well. In today’s times, an organization that does not pay attention to its customer support network is bound to face issues. Moreover, providing customer support through just one channel is not sufficient. Today’s customers expect brands to be present across multiple channels and provide support in real-time.

Why should you use call center software?

One of the preferred ways for customers to reach organizations is through the phone. Most customers like to contact the organizations and get their query resolved directly. And most organizations do know of this preference and yet they fail to address their queries effectively. There can be many reasons for this. For instance, many organizations outsource their customer support services to third-party vendors, and often the third party vendors fail to deliver on the quality they initially promised. The other reasons can be related to the mechanism used for addressing customer queries. It often happens that customers are made to wait for several minutes before they get to talk to the support executive finally.

What makes them a winner?

Such limitations create a sense of disgust among customers and often lead to them drifting away to other similar products and services. One of the probable solutions to these issues can be the use of an effective call center software. Call center software comes with a plethora of features and helps users get more value for the money they’ve invested. Most call center software comes with features such as smart call forwarding, call recording, call transfer, conference calls, and call queuing. These features offer users the flexibility to take calls, transfer them to other employees in case they are unavailable, and even add the concerned executives on existing calls to resolve issues quickly.

Additional features on offer

Additionally, these software tools also provide users different types of phone numbers, such as virtual phone numbers, online phone numbers, and toll-free numbers, which can be accessed from multiple devices. The cross-device functionality enables users to take calls from anywhere and at any time of the day. Apart from these, the tools also come with analytics features that provide users with data regarding various parameters. The multiple data points and insights provided by the software tools enable users to identify the pain points in the process and effectively eliminate them. In addition to these features, the software tools also offer a host of useful integrations that make it easy for users to work across multiple tools simultaneously.

The affordability factor

With an increasing focus on customer service and rapid expansion initiatives taken up by organizations, using these call center software tools has almost become a necessity for many organizations. Multiple call center software tools offering the same set of features are available in the marketplace, and the competition among these increases the affordability factor for the users.